“We are unprecedented times “

How often have you heard that of late in the light of COVID-19?  How many times have you heard the phrase that we are on the cusp of something;

Life changing?

It permeates the media and the narrative on social media and is no doubt running through everyone’s minds at this time.  What is clear is that this is very real, happening now and let’s make no bones about it, it is inducing a lot of fear in a lot of people and that can’t be downplayed because fear is a very real thing.

We also should not underestimate the severity of the situation we find ourselves in and while it is easy to get caught up in questioning some of the choices that we have made in the past or indeed ones we have made in more recent history (“I think we should get just one more 24 pack or toilet roll. etc.).  In reality it is the choices that we make going forward that are going  to be the most crucial ones of our lives.  In time I believe we should all be resolved in reflecting upon what we can do to make things better and reject, in part the behaviours that we have picked up in the past. Reinvent what it is to be ‘Us’ to be ‘Human’.

Things HAVE to change.

What I see around at the moment is lot of fear and uncertainty not of what is happening per se but more around the lack of control that people have. What I also see see is fear about how we can get back to ‘normal’.  How we can possibly stop all of this happening and revert back to the “good old days”.  I am afraid I am going to have to be the portent or doom in this respect, we are not going to be able to do that, it has changed and will continually change in a way that currently we have no control over and we don’t even have a clue about what it will be; but I KNOW we be part of a new type of future.

Change is being thrust upon us at a rapid pace and our response to it is crucial. I believe we need to initially start to come together and collectively weather the storm. Break down the ‘them and us’ mentality that seems so prevalent in society and start to focus on community, collaboration and working as ONE. This will not only help us in the short term but will help us shape the world when we pass through its initial phase.  Across all arenas of life we need to make fundamental changes and distinct life choices.

In business, in personal life and in society there needs to be balance; collaborative strategies and a sense of hive working that fits into the physical world we live. The haves and the have nots, rich and poor, insiders and outsiders are our extended family, global brothers and sisters and not just at this time we need to rally to come together in order to aid and assist.  But it shouldn’t be a short term investment, it should be a down payment for the future.

I know in business there needs to be a transnational relationship and I know there needs to be a structure where the overheads are covered and profits made, at that point though we need to switch strategy.  I strongly believe that these profits need to be fed back into the business model, so that it keeps the business alive and that as a microcosm or society, its services and provides a safe haven for people and their families.  We can no longer see things as merely transactional, a linear process that takes and does not give.

The old way is broken and what will have to rebuild it is people and a heart based model that fits into a NEW global stage.

Fear is here and it is real and I do not belittle its power (don’t forget I have known FEAR first hand), we WILL however get through this and fear WILL pass (that I can also comment on from first hand experience).

In time, once we have passed through the first few weeks, I think we should all pause and think at length whether what we have become as businesses, individuals and as a community is right and sustainable.  I am certain we have lost a sense of tribe, group consciousness and working as one.  This virus is giving us an opportunity to create a new narrative.

I for one will walk towards being more open and available and working towards a more integrated society. Who’s up for joining me (us) on that journey?


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