When I started Head To Heart Network, the website that is, one of the things I wanted to do was share creative ways of investigating ‘The Self’ through especially through the use of various mediums.  This is where Evoke came from.

The idea was simple:

You select a theme, one that triggers a visceral reaction in your head or heart….
You take what ‘resonates’ from the trigger word/ theme and…
You represent it as clearly and personally as possible using a broad range of visual, audio mediums.

The intention was to trigger or ‘evoke’ a response in any reader/ listener and for them to explore what the same trigger means to them.  It’s was as simple as that.

As the site has progressed so has the approach to working with ‘self investigation’ and it is time to park ‘Evoke’ but NOT get rid of it.  I have now placed it on the ‘Practices‘ section of the site as it really is a technique for self reflection and one that can be used to look deep within yourself.

As stated on the Evoke page, “the world, can at times, be both beautiful and ugly. It can inspire and yet it can also challenge us”.  Evoke is a way of making sense of what we see by triggering a reaction that we can observe.  



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