A lot of our time is spent in connection and interaction with others and it is in this connection that we find the core of our Own True Nature.
When I talk about own true nature (OTN), I refer to the very core of who we are. What makes us act, react, run etc. OTN is how we truly are when we are not triggered by fear and doubt. What we are like when we are not playing a role. Not being ‘something’ or trying to be someone.

Our Own True Nature is about just being and settling into a world of uncertainty.

Our OTN is a crystal clear safe space. It is a life, our life, in action and a living space where we can end up sailing freely on the ocean of existence. Rolling with the waves and being part of the flow of things. Not going against the tide, but flowing with it. It is who we are.

However our OTN can often get obscured by the eddies and sump-holes of life as well as the egos view/ interpretation of what goes on around us. We live in a very uncertain world. A world of fear, doubt and certainly other people who threaten us.

In this world we can find ourselves loosing site of the very core of who we are and we end up overlooking it in favour of what is perceived as easier elements of living. We take on the roles and the fixed ideas of our ego as it seem easy to do. We end up on auto pilot simply existing, playing out roles, reacting with rote responses and simply not living.

One effect of this form of ‘turbulence’ is a the profound detachment from what real and what is at our core. We loose site of our OTN in our every day interactions and this creates a sense of separation from others and the world. We become fearful and defensive. We become hyper vigilant to threat and we either entrench in a strong defensive position or go on the attack. This however isn’t who we really are.

When we are triggered we loose the fact that it is in the very connections and interactions with others that our OTN can reinforced. By mirroring back to us what we are portraying, and by us listening to what that feedback ‘says’ we are able to sit back in the warm essence of who we are. Removed from triggered responses. Detaching however, due to role playing, we loose track of who we truly are and we become lost and foundered. We become trapped in role play rather than true living.

As we detach there is a tendency to focus on the position that you standing in and to not see another’s perspective. And so detachment is reinforced again. We assume a position that is set apart from ‘the other’ and we become more and more distant from them and as a result ourselves.

We can see currently interactions born out of fear and terror. Relationship torn apart by a sense of ‘otherness’ and as a result separateness through a lack of presence. Our relationships are more that just our own minds and our bodies. We are part of a collective conscience, part of a world that is both made of both ego and role. However we also possess true souls. Our Own True Natures.

Take a moment to stop and listen and you will find a deep connection, a link that is more profound, more wholesome than you can possibly imagine and a connection that spreads wider than just your personal sphere of existence.

OTN = Love.

Love of the ‘self’ and love of the ‘other’. It is the core of true connection and it is that thing that binds us all together. Love provides a deeper understanding of the interaction between you and the world and it is through listening to what love says and as a result our OTN that we will be held in a warm and safe embrace.


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