What is luck, does random exist?

In the prescriptive sense, luck is a supernatural and deterministic concept that there are forces (e.g. gods or spirits) that prescribe that certain events occur very much the way laws of physics will prescribe that certain events occur. It is the prescriptive sense that people mean when they say they “do not believe in luck”. In the descriptive sense, people speak of luck after events that they find to be fortunate or unfortunate, and maybe improbable.

If something is unpredictable and has no recognisable pattern, then it can be called random!

Rolling dice is not intrinsically random – they are only random because of our ignorance. If we could know every initial condition – exact forces, properties, conditions and calculations could allow us to roll the dice exactly how we want it, so luck could be meaningless and irreverent!

So by ultimate knowledge are we able to eliminate luck? Or is luck much bigger than that?