Head To Heart Network’s philosophy is simple. We live in an ever increasingly challenging world and as a result we are becoming more and more detached from each other, from society and worryingly from ourselves.  Out of a personal journey and in search of finding a deeper connection to the world, Head To Heart Network (H2HN) was born.

H2HN’s main aim is to create personal growth through the practice of mindful, present awareness and to help everyone develop positive self-insight.  H2HN plans to collaborate with inspired and progressive thought leaders to aid ‘seekers’ in their own journey to find happiness.  Through self-reflection, it is hoped that H2HN will be able to aid in the overall improvement of peoples societal and emotional connections and that this will lead to an open and receptive heart.  H2HN aims to sow a seed that will help to develop inner and outer awareness which will lead to a happier, healthier world.