Thinking Habits Podcast

I have know simon for a very long time and I would class him as a very good friend.  But like many people that come into your life, circumstances and life in general gets in the way and you can lose contact.  This is what happened with Simon.  Roll forward a number of years and he re-emerges and with him is a new, lovely wife and a number of new projects.  One of these being the Thinking Habits Podcast

Under his own admission, there are a few excellent Mental Health podcasts out there but as is evident in the News every day there is an apparent crisis in mental health services and at the core of this is definitely a need for more open and honest conversation.  From that position Thinking Habits was launched.  Simon has decided that it is going to be part exploration of mental health conditions, social stigma around mental health and focus on policy.  He is clear that it is going to be part frank discussion about living with mental illness (his own and believe me he is VERY open about his own journey) and that of others (he intends to have guests; I had the privilege to be his first).

Most importantly though he wants it to be humorous, irreverent and relaxed, very much like his nature and one of the reasons we got on so well all those years ago.

One thing to note, and he is careful to place disclaimers on some of the content, he wants it to be sensitive but at the same time humorous.  The reasoning being that suffering is the opposite end of a spectrum, the other side being relief and both go hand in hand and both are available to most of us.  Like ‘we humans’ on this little blue/green planet, the podcast will find it’s own path and it will evolve, but as Simon is a qualified Mental Health Nurse with a background in Forensic and addiction services, it will be done with care and sensitivity.

I have loved EVERY single episode and I know that it has something special to offer.  That is why I am so pleased to be a small part of this.  As you know from my Blog and my journey to date I have come across a lot of people who have either had first hand experience of mental health issues or are practitioners who have great insight into mental health and mental wellness!  This is no exception.  Please do give it a listen and as Simon always signs off “Keep Talking”, a mantra that we should all live by.

If you want to contact Simon then please email him at or you can visit him at his Facebook page.