Thoughts and feeling can be expressed in a number of ways and through a number of mediums.  One of the forms I like is poetry.  The reason I like it is that the challenge for me is getting the essence of something into a short and concise form.  Something that for people who know me I struggle with.  Therefore not only is the message a challenge the format is also.  As you know Evoke is a technique to develop focus on a ‘trigger’ word and for that to be explored.  The word this time is ‘RAW’.  What follows is a brief intro and then the verse itself.  A challenge, but one that I really enjoyed.

Fresh fruit,
crisp and moist,
cradled within tree hewn bowls.
Gently held pouches,
that by touch and mouth
provide sustenance.
Waiting to part; revealed
Tender flesh caresses fertile seed.
Upon tooth and skin
their sweet notes sing.
Dripped whispers of
promise and rejuvenation fall
upon expectant senses.
Furred fruit
alone and exposed.
Windfall, devoid of winds breath.
Wrinkled skin grips caged seeds
who refuse destiny’s open hand.
Desire and sustenance are
now evaporated dreams.
Lacerated flesh form grimaced smiles
who wait the cylindrical drop
that bears no teeth.
Stories of promise and hope
replaced by acrid rejection.
A fruity tale of raw impermanent.