The world, can at times, be both beautiful and ugly. It can inspire and yet it can also challenge us. In order for us, as humans, to understand the world we have developed a mind that relies heavily on interpreting the space we occupy and expressing to others what we see. This world view is very individual to each of us, however there are common threads that exist between all of us. In order to express what we see and to communicate with each other we use artist forms of expression and for millennia humans have represented their understanding of the world through drawing, writing and carving. More recently, with the development of technology they have used photography and the spoken word. Here we intend to do the same and the premise of the project that follows is very simple.

We select a theme, one that triggers a visceral reaction in our head or heart….
We take what ‘resonates’ from the trigger word/ theme and…
We represent it as clearly and personally as possible using a broad range of visual, audio mediums. The intention is to trigger or evoke a response in the reader/ listener and for them to explore what it means to them. It’s as simple as that.

Evoke - Archived

To See - you need more than just your eyes.  However, your mind may warp what you see.  Be wary and keep your eyes, and mind open.

Evoke - Take a word, a theme and let creativity flow.

Evoke- Use trigger words to help you explore your world.  Here are some simple techniques how.

Nature is RAW

Even something as ferocious and dangerous as fire has the ability to calm you

Hard Working & Beautiful


X 2

The ability to be FREE

is ours and ours alone.

We can be trapped by our mind and our heart

or we can let go and fall into what is ...

in this moment ...

right NOW

Double rainbow on a wet Monday morning .......Magic and very BEAUTIFUL

(although the face may not say it)

To watch Moss at play

To see her in rapture

Ball, stick or simply a breeze in fur

Giving her total pleasure.

Now that is beautiful.

The emergence of our possibilies and seeing them for the first time can produce some of the most BEAUTIFUL sensory experiences.

Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.  All we need to do is look past our judgements and fears and see what ultimately lies beneath.



What history can it share?

What stories have been told from it's arms?

Who's history has been woven through its fabric?



16th June 2017



12th June 2017


9th June 2017


8th June 2017


 Does the pencil need to be stronger...or should I not have pressed as hard?