1. bring or recall (a feeling, memory, or image) to the conscious mind.


The world around us is made of immense beauty and it can inspire us but also challenge us. In order for us, as humans, to make sense of the world we have developed a mind that relies on interpreting the space we occupy and through a variety of mediums and to show what it means to us.

This world view is individual and yet there are common threads that exist between all of us and these threads can provide the impetus for creating expressive art, poetry and written word. In fact, there are almost an infinite number of ways that ideas can be expressed.

This is where EVOKE was conceived.

‘EVOKE’ is a way of conjuring up an image OR word from the world around and to capture the emotion, concept or situation in both ‘image’ and ‘word’.

It’s quite simple;

  • Select a theme, it can be a simple word or phrase that perhaps is running through your mind. Something that is perhaps sticky and is on your mind.
  • Take yourself out into nature and walk around with that word in your head. When you come across something that seems to resonate with that word take a picture!


  • Take yourself out into nature and when you are compelled by something beautiful, interesting or intriguing, take a picture.
  • Now you can ‘free form’ write whatever word or phrase comes into mind. It can be descriptive, thought provoking or personal.  Whatever it is, try and gently align the pic and the word together.  Settle the visceral image in the mind and let the mind, with gentle intent, ‘name it’.

With either process you can EVOKE something from within and explore your connection with the world outside through the lens of your inner thoughts and paradigms.

One further development to this can be undertaken and the instructions for that are below:

  • Perhaps in quiet meditation, a short 5 min mindfulness session try to bring some focus to your mind and your awareness around the image and the word. Allow the ‘trigger’ to float around the mind and settle in your awareness.
  • After that session, for a couple of minutes, use your newly developed awareness of the ‘connections’ created pick up a sheet of paper and write it down.  Write down what you have seen, felt, experienced and what the links represent to you?
  • If you want after that try a number of different mediums to express what it brings up.  Use something that you are perhaps not familiar with.  Stretch yourself.  Perhaps keep a journal or note book especially for this and when you have finished your ‘investigation’, date and sign it.
  • Repeat the process and review it after a period of time.  See how you have changed and how things for you have changed.
  •  Another thing is NOT to go back to the work straight away.  Let it sit there for a while (a few months) and then go back to it as a ‘review’ things will change and you will grow as will your perspective.
  • Don’t forget the intention is to trigger or EVOKE a response in the yourself and for you, with an open heart and present awareness, explore what the trigger means to you.

Whether you see this as a bit of fun and a process of capturing the world around, or as a way of exploring deeper how you ‘see’ the world, don’t forget … this simple yet effective practice won’t really work unless you Give it a go!

Nb. If you have anything you wish to share feel free to email me at (jonathan@headtoheartnetwork.com).