The world can at times be both beautiful and ugly. It can inspire and yet it can also challenge us. In order for us, as humans, to understand and make sense of the world we have developed a mind that relies heavily on interpreting the space we occupy and in turn express it to others through a variety of mediums. This world view is very individual to each of us, however there are common threads that exist between all of us and these threads can be communicated via art, poetry, the written word etc. In fact, there is almost a infinite number of ways that themes or ideas that we have can be expressed.

In order to express what we see and to communicate with each other we use artist forms of expression and for millennia humans have represented their understanding of the world. More recently, with the development of technology humans have used even more advanced methods to express thoughts and feelings and film and digital creations have moved expression on. 

One way of working through complex emotions and thought patters I have found out that by working with a trigger object or word you can develop an objective perspective on what the ‘trigger’ means to you. In the ‘EVOKE’ section of the site we have examples of what a trigger word brings up for us. Ways of seeing a thought or emotion, concept or situation from a different perspective.

It is quite simple and very easy to do. Here are some simple instructions on how to EVOKE insight from a TRIGGER word:

  • Select a theme, it can be a simple word or phrase that perhaps is running through your mind. Something that is perhaps sticky and is on your mind. It is often easy to use a trigger that sets off a visceral reaction. However, it is equally important to occasionally choose a trigger word or phrase that is subtle as this means that the investigation can be deeper.
  • Once the word is selected, write it on a piece of paper and set it aside. No need to do anything with it at this time.
  • Now go for a quiet meditation, perhaps use a short 5 min mindfulness session to bring some focus to your mind and your awareness.
  • After that period of pause and breath work, sit quietly, for a couple of minutes and use your newly developed awareness to work on what ‘resonates’ with you from that trigger word/ theme.
  • Pick up the sheet and start to bring the word or phrase to your attention. Allow the ‘trigger’ to float around the mind and settle in your awareness.
  • See what comes up. See, feel, experience what the trigger brings up in your awareness. What does it represent to you?
  • Try a number of different mediums to express what it brings up.  Use something that you are perhaps not familiar with.  Stretch yourself and stretch your narrow view of what the trigger says to you.  Perhaps keep a journal or not book especially for this and when you have finished your ‘investigation’, date and sign it.
  • You could, if you feel confident, publish it but one thing is to let the flow of work be natural and not over worked. Don’t play with it.  Once you have done it and have signed off; park it.  If you over work it you can be in danger of starting to over analyse what you have put and the key is to evoke a response in the moment. 
  •  Another thing is NOT to go back to the work straight away.  Let it sit there for a while (a few months) and then go back to it as a ‘review’ of the quarter/ year.  Not going straight back can give you an idea about how you and your views have, or have not, changed.  It can be a great review of not only your responses but also of your journey. 

Don’t forget the intention is to trigger or EVOKE a response in the yourself and for you, with an open heart and present awareness, explore what the trigger means to you.  It’s a simple yet effective practice.  Go on give it a go.

Nb. If you have anything you wish to share feel free to email it across ( and it could make it onto the Evoke Page as a contribution to Head To Heart Network (H2HN).  Who knows, something you have created and brought awareness to may just connect deeply with someone else.  It may even make it to the other side of the world!