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I’m a beginning to become a believer that there is always another way of seeing the world and if you can do it, one that can change things … for the best.

The issue is that I never said I was good at it, but I am trying.

I have seen glimpses of how things could be different, observing things from another angle that could lead to great change, only to fall into ‘my’ rote way of being and then start acting from that position (again). It’s like seeing the way out of a maze through high yew hedges and then getting spun around simply to end up following the well worn path that you and everyone else has trod before that leads you into a dead end or even worse a circular existence.

However, because I have seen through the ‘veil’ of my stuck mental patterns, I have come to realise that with a few small changes in direction I could make a fundamental change to how things unfold. There are however a few realities that need to be accepted.

Firstly, I am not perfect, not good (or bad) at anything in particular, I am a Libra after all (always playing the middle ground). But to achieve someone I do need to keep moving forward. I, more often that not, don’t step up and I just end up standing still. Perhaps more importantly though I am not always right, but I can’t seem to demonstrate or refute any of that if I don’t act. So act I must.

Secondly, and this is also part of the interplay it life. Nor are YOU (the other people that I come across). I have as much right to question your view of the world as you have of mine but it needs to be done from an open hearted place. The world is so full of judgement that we all have to accept our part in the illusion that we are the keeper of ‘the truth’. The truth of the things that we hold to be true are very much wavering and altering like shifting sand. An example would be what is perceived as healthy for us. Just look at the changes in direction of what is good and bad in terms of diet! It’s like being on a ‘nutritional’ rollercoaster that seems to have no end. Yes there are some fundamental, underlying principles that are sound and solid but the rest is often based on fad and fallacy and what is en vogue at the time of publication. Only you know, deep down what is good for you and how you want to live and therefore you should ask from that place; “what ‘feels’ right at my very core?”

Thirdly, I need to stop being sensitive to other peoples challenges and be confident in what I am commenting on, but also at the same time accepting of another persons position and beliefs.

This leads me on to my last point, so do you. If I am not always right (see first point), but then by the same token, neither are you. If we accept there is difference and opinion we can then start to have meaningful dialogues about what is underlying our fixed views of the world and not get stuck on the surface of right and wrong. We can start to connect on a level that has common ground and common threads of sustainable truth. We can start to become one but from divergent perspectives. That to me is where real beauty and purest connection lays.

So to recap:

⁃ I need to get my finger out.

⁃ I need to move forward.

⁃ I need to be more confident in my actions.

⁃ I need to have an open heart.

⁃ I need to accept that other people are entitled to opinions and perspectives.

⁃ I need to delve down deep to find what lays beneath the surface of my own and others perspective.

⁃ I need to be open to criticism.

⁃ I need to be loving to myself and others.


So do you.

H2HN Podcast 200718

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Planning, Doing and Reviewing …

Planning for something, thinking about all of the eventualities and then executing them, only to do the analysis afterwards is the normal way of things isn’t it?

Plan >>> Do >>> Review…. Plan >>> Do >>> Review.  [Repeat]

Well it should be, but in reality I have found one part of this whole thing challenging.  The doing.

I am great at thinking a great plan, mapping it out all in my head, doing to structure, the lay out, the logistics and the infrastructure and then when it comes to the execution of the plan … stasis, nada, zilch! … I then go straight into the analysis.  What seems to be jumped and indeed missing all together is the ‘DO’ part.  Something recently happened to me however that has made me reassess things and I put down a little #SoundBite to explain what it is.  This can be found below …

The projects of these two amazing athletes can be found below and if you ever consider donations to worthy causes then these two are ones that are close to my heart.  Their pages and their chosen charities can be found below.

What ever inspires you to plan DO and review, make it count because the clock ticks and never goes backwards.

J x


Ben Davis


Charity Page:

Stuart Amory


Charity Page:

H2HN Podcast 190718

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This morning I was walking Moss (as I do most mornings now) and I was compelled to put down a ‘sound bite’ about some tings that are going on.  There are a lot of things that happen in your life that if you are not present for can pass you buy and you regret not grasping them when they happened.  At the moment there are a number of things that are happening that are really aligning and I am so pleased to have the presence of mind and the opportunity to be involved.

Here is the ‘sound bite’ and I apologise about the breathless audio, I am slightly affected by hay fever and to be honest … it was 7am so I may sound a little less than enthusiastic at the beginning.

Anyway take a listen:

Keep well.

Jonathan (Jay)

p.s. I seemed to fail being cheery and upbeat …. next time … honest!

H2HN Podcast 110718

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This morning I was inspired to start something that I have threatened to do for some time.  I recorded officially what was my first podcast type thingy.

Yes I have done audio before, and yes I have done some voice recordings to talk through meditation techniques etc. but this time I was ‘free-form’ jazzing on an idea and to quote someone, ‘I truly have a voice for silent movies!’.  I know that I can come across as a little ‘serious’ and of course the content can be a little dry, but we all had to learn to walk at some point.  It was essential otherwise we would still be crawling on our hands and knees.

This is about the idea of ‘mindful walking’ and re-connecting to nature.  It is part of the H2HN Mindful Initiative, called “A Heart of Stone” and is all about reconnecting to the core of ourselves through nature.  Anyway, enjoy and if you have any feedback, comments or thoughts please feel free to share.  Links can be found below.

Keep well.

Jonathan (Jay)

p.s. I will try and be more cheery and upbeat next time … honest!



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Mindful walking:

The ‘A Heart of Stone’ mindful initiative :