We are all on a journey through life and on that journey we come across may experiences and people that can have a profound affect on what your next step along it may be. These people are, more often than not are chance meetings and ones that you are not expecting nor looking for. Head to Heart Network (H2HN) came out of a place of ‘seeking’ and the more I looked the less I found. As H2HN developed I found that it was often easier to let go and remove the chance of ‘rope burn’. As I did so things, people and positive situations seem to manifest and ones that were the very things that I was looking for.

One such meeting was with a lovely lady called Laura Iuliana and a ‘Think Tank’ that she co-founded. This happenchance was something that has led me to look at life with a fresh set of eyes and look at what is happening in the world with a global perspective and not one closed and isolationist.

As has been well documented in the H2HN Blog, a personal crisis, such as a breakdown, can make you become insular and closed off to what is happening in your immediate sphere of influence let alone the collective consciousness of a whole planet. This closing can therefore create a situation where ‘other’ and ‘different’ become things to be feared and pushed away. Laura and her team have made me realise that we are all in it together and that only together can we change the world for the better. It starts from acceptance and collaboration and a deep look at what blocks you from being open and receptive.

I am pleased to be contributing to this collective consciousness and to Laura personally for taking a leap of faith in me. Trust is an important element that often gets over looked and without trust we will always be looking over our shoulder or backing off from the wonderful opportunities that life throws at us.

Here is a brief Bio of what B1-AKT do.

Welcome to B1–AKT, the place where spirited talent collides with fresh and creative ideas…
Our team is a collective of deep thinkers and thought leaders. We question and challenge, considering different perspectives. At the same time, we are observant and nimble. We apply this approach in developing strategies and engagement.

Our messages with substance and relevance are shared with the right people at the right time.
We know through experience how to approach a communications challenge effectively.

Proudly independent, we are not too small to be ignored — and not too big to end up ignoring you. We have proven success through our many years of experience, and a team of talented and passionate people across 3 countries who work together to produce consistently great results. Our credo: One team committed to excellence. Our agency is built on a trusted relation client-expert.