About us

About Head To Heart Network.

Head To Heart Network’s philosophy is simple. We live in an ever increasingly challenging world and as a result we are becoming more and more detached from each other, society and worryingly ourselves. Out of a personal search to a find a deeper connection to the world, Head To Heart Network (H2HN) was born.

H2HN’s main aim is to create personal growth through the practice of mindful awareness and to help everyone develop positive self-insight.  H2HN also plans to collaborate with inspired and progressive thought leaders to help ‘seekers’ find what they are looking for.  Through self-reflection it is hoped that there will be an overall improvement of our societal and emotional connections that will lead to an open and receptive heart. H2HN hopes to sow a seed that ‘may’ help to develop inner and outer awareness of what it is to be a ‘human being’ and in order lead to a happier, healthier world.


H2HN’s mission is to provide information and insight from a personal perspective to educate and empower everyone to develop mindful awareness in their own daily life. Through developing personal themes from the work of some of the world’s greatest teachers, past or present, H2HN aims to provide life skills that will increase awareness, resilience, kindness, connection and creativity in a world that is ever changing and rapidly evolving.

How Head To Heart Network Started.

Head To Heart Network (H2HN) was formed in November 2016 by our Founder Jonathan Midwood.  After experiencing a stress-induced breakdown, 3 years previously, Jonathan came upon mindfulness and self-awareness techniques developed, over time, by many secular and non-secular teachers.  He used these methods to start a journey of progressive healing. Having found that support structures, offered by mainstream medical agencies, were inadequate, he personally set out on a path to understand what causes stress and anxiety and in doing so try to heal.

On his journey, he has come across many spiritual, secular and non-secular teachings and teachers and these have offered comfort and the potential of lasting relief.  Jonathan has also come to realised that there are deep, tensile threads that run through all of the contemplative and mindful teachings (past and present), and it is in these core insights that profound healing can occur.  A seed was sown.