About us

About H2HN Consulting

H2HN Consulting’s philosophy is simple. We live in an increasingly complex world and we are becoming more and more detached from society, the environment and perhaps more worryingly, ourselves. With a deep commitment to put connection back into the world, especially in business, H2HN Consulting aims to deliver personal and professional growth.  Through engaging with individuals on a one to one programme or with larger team training H2HN Consulting will provide training that include’s; Agile mindset training, Design Thinking, Emotional Intelligence and Mindful Awareness.

H2HN Consulting combines its 22 years of Management experience with one-to-one coaching to help individuals or organisations to sustainably change the way they perform.  With a strong and well established commercial network, H2HN also collaborates with thought leaders to promote a positive and sustainable path to well-being, both in the work environment as well as in everyday life.

Through providing positive techniques, systems and training, guidance that promotes inter and intra personal growth, it is believed there will be an overall strengthening of a companies collective ‘Heart’ (Culture) and that from that position lasting and sustainable profit for the organisation can and will occur.  H2HN Consulting aims to help develop both inner and outer awareness, resilience and sustainable growth and through a process of self-analysis and self-reflection, help drive any organisation towards a happier, healthier eco-system.

H2HN Consulting Mission.

Our mission is to educate and empower everyone to develop present moment awareness in their daily life and co-create a sustainable future for the worlds global citizens. Through bringing to the fore techniques and practices from some of the world’s greatest teachers, past or present, Head to Heart Network aims to offer life skills that will increase awareness, resilience, kindness, connection and creativity in a world that is ever changing and rapidly evolving.

H2HN Consulting’s Founder.

Head To Heart Network was formed in 2016 by Jonathan Midwood.  Jonathan had always been interested the how and why people ‘act’ in their personal and professional lives and this interest started with a Psychology Degree back on the 90’s.  In 2013 he set about re-establishing that interest by additional research into personal development and how it can and indeed should fit into a professional setting.  This culminated in him launching H2HN Consulting, in a small scale in 2016.”

In his research journey he came across many teachings, techniques and methods that had been used for, in some cases millenia.  Through using some of these in his personal and professional life he realised that there were many ways of achieving the same commercial goals for organisations.  Some that valued the individual and in fact delivered better results.

Jonathan’s ethos is that it is people that drive business and in the modern world we live in it is particularly important to see ‘people’ as more than a mere resource for an organisation.  Through extensive research and reading and many meaningful discussions with leading industry professionals,  Jonathan has been able to develop an approach that focuses on the value of personal development and how it can underpin lasting and sustainable profit as well as deliver lifelong retention of clients for organisations.

As an MBA (Exec) Graduate Jonathan has been lucky to hone existing skills, develop new ones and develop a core understanding; namely the fact that change is not to be feared but to be embraced.  He has also established that you are never too old to learn and grown as an individual and that learning is a life long adventure.