About us

About Head To Heart Network.

Head To Heart Network’s philosophy is simple. We live in an increasingly complex world and we are becoming more and more detached from society the environment and perhaps more worryingly, ourselves. Out of a personal search to a find a deeper connection to the world, Head To Heart Network (H2HN) was born. H2HN’s aim, is to help deliver personal and professional growth through a system of practices that include mindful awareness, self-analysis and self-reflection. H2HN also plans to collaborate with thought leaders to promote a positive and sustainable path to well-being, both in the work environment as well as in everyday life. Through providing positive techniques, to promote inter and intra personal growth, it is believed there will be an overall strengthening of societies collective ‘Heart’ and H2HN hopes to help people develop both inner and outer awareness, resilience and sustainable growth in order to move towards a happier, healthier world.


Our mission is to educate and empower everyone to develop present moment awareness in their daily life and co-create a sustainable future for the worlds global citizens. Through bringing to the fore techniques and practices from some of the world’s greatest teachers, past or present, Head to Heart Network aims to offer life skills that will increase awareness, resilience, kindness, connection and creativity in a world that is ever changing and rapidly evolving.

How Head To Heart Network Started.

Head To Heart Network was formed in November of 2016 by our Founder Jonathan. After experiencing a stress and anxiety himself, Jonathan came upon mindfulness, self-awareness techniques and practices that helped him develop a strategy to move towards sustainable wellness.

On his journey he has come across many teachings, techniques and methods that been used in his personal life and in a professional setting.  All of which has helped him to weather the storm of modern day living.