Technology is something that we use an awful lot of the time however we seem to be using it too much nowadays. We seem to be spending more and more time sat on our mobiles, tablets and PC’s and the real problem with technology, as I see it, is that it creates a sense of disconnect. It breeds a sense of distance from the present moment and throws you into a virtual, disconnected world.

The world we live in is a very complex one and it challenges you to connect with it through technology, via cyberspace and into a world that is separate to the one that you really occupy. The issue I have with this alternative reality is the distance it creates between you and the rest of the world. This separation appears to go against what is actually real and true. While we have created some amazing technologies we have also failed to behaviourally keep up with it. We struggle to run both in parallel and fail to live with it symbiotically. There appears to be a constant struggle between the virtual world and the real one. The very one we as a species has occupied for millennia.

There has to be a better way or at least a deep realisation that the virtual world that we often occupy isn’t the one that we could live in. While it is undoubtably useful to use technology in the world, it isn’t what creates our existence. Never more clearly will you see this ‘disconnected’ behaviour than in the children and young adults who are classed as millennials. You see is in their actions. The eyes down walk of the iPhone prayer. The monosyllabic grunts of recognition, but not the connected and listening of an interested person.

That is not true connection, true reality. It’s a distant echo of verbal and non-verbal communication from a world elsewhere.

There has to be a way that enables you to live in a world with technology but not caught by technology. There has to be a way where we are able to engage with technology but live in a world that is not reliant on it. We have to live in a technologically supported world but not one where we are trapped in a dystopian half life. We have to live in a world where were able to spend time with others fully and in a way where we truly connect. We have to be with them rather than connect with them via a cyber world, a world of non-reality. Not binary communication; zero and ones.

All is not lost though.

There are ways of achieving this.

If you stop and pause and see the present moment as it is.

Breathe it, live it, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it. Realy live it. By doing this you will experience life fully. If you truly connect with all that is around you, rather than experience a ‘relative reality’ of your phone and tablet you’ll be able to fully understand what taking part in real life means.

We often do this from time to time naturally, but by practicing mindfulness and mindful awareness and through using well established techniques you will be able to switch back into life when you do find yourself lost in a virtual reality.

Be here now and don’t wait until tomorrow, or try and achieve it through your phone. You may just miss it.


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