Writing to me really triggers my creativity, it is a way of expressing who I am, how I feel, and enables me to have a voice.  I have found that writing allows me to explore the depths of who I am and in word form define who I am, how I think and how I can shape my future.   The written version of ‘me’ is more interesting that the non-verbal (thought based) version of ‘me’ and as a result allows me to clear away some of the monkey mind traits that I have.

When you consider the next stroke upon the paper, what you write is often more fully considered and the meaning becomes detached from emotion and thought becomes something ‘real’ as it is manifest on the page.  It is therefore more insightful, reflective and perhaps more truthful because you can see it in black and white and challenge it.  The meaning of the pen stroke can be more focused and defined because the next stroke can be held back from being made until the right word is found OR the previous one challenged.

However, a word that perhaps has plagued me throughout my personal and professional life and that word is ‘Control’.

In writing this, I realise that the mere act of writing my thoughts in a considered way is a version of control.  I am not saying that it is bad, but I am saying that any choice of word is made withthe potential of manipulating the ‘narrative’ and ultimately controlling what he written. Other mediums where you may express yourself could appear to possess an element of less manipulation.

Definitive, decisive and instinctive marks are made. The painter may often roughly sketch out their work but main piece is a direct and connected expression of their observations. Each stoke is done and at that point it can’t be rubbed out. The orator/ speaker also appears to seamlessly string words together and vocalise their feelings and emotions. They may work up a script, but it is when they are in Free Flow that the real essence of what is being stated, is heard.

The written word however is more structured and can be re-arranged and re-written so that the outcome is calculated and considered and that suits my personal need for control.  However, I have learned over time to loosen my grip.  This is through the use of Journaling.  

For me, the written word (journaling) is a method and the practice that helps me understand who I am, how I thing and what areas need work.  I also know that it helps others, in that the simple act of putting the written word out there helps open up a dialogue about human experience that may trigger something in them.  Self-reflection becomes a ‘mirror’ for others to see themselves and that radiated effect can be very positive.   The word, I do believe can be mightier than the sword, especially if it is put to good use and can cut through all of the chatter and noise that the human brain can create.  Give it a go.  


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