I’m a strong believer that there is always another way of seeing the world and if you can do it, it can change things for the best.

I have seen glimpses of how things could be different, observing things from another angle that could lead to great change, but it is easy to fall into a rote way of being and start acting from that position (again). It’s like seeing the way out of a maze through high yew hedges and then getting spun around simply to end up following the well worn path that you and everyone else has trod before that leads you into a dead end or even worse a circular existence.

However, I have come to realise that with a few small changes in direction it is possible make a fundamental change to how things unfold. There are however a few realities that need to be accepted.

Firstly, no one is perfect, not good (or bad) at anything in particular.  But to achieve great things forward momentum is needed. If you don’t step up and end up standing still, you will not move forward. So we must act.

Secondly, and this is also part of the interplay it life, we are all some what broken or ‘miss-firing’, this is a reality and is something see in other people.  As a result of having views and opinions, we all have a right to question other peoples view of the world but it needs to be done from an open hearted place. The world is so full of judgement that we all have to accept our part in the illusion that we are the keeper of ‘all of the truth’.

The truth is what we hold to be true is very much unsubstantiated and can alter like shifting sand if we listen to feedback.  Just look at the changes in direction of what is good and bad in terms of diet!  It’s like being on a ‘nutritional’ rollercoaster that seems to have no end. Yes there are some fundamental, underlying principles that are sound and solid but the rest is often based on fad and fallacy and what is en vogue at the time of publication, is out of date tomorrow.  So we must listen.

Thirdly, we need to stop being sensitive to other peoples challenges and be confident in what are commenting on, but also at the same time accept that we can and should accept change.

This leads me on to my last point.  I am not always right (see first point), but then by the same token, neither are you or anyone else. If we accept there is difference and opinion we can then start to have meaningful dialogues about what is underlying our fixed views of the world and not get stuck on the surface of right and wrong. We can start to connect on a level that has common ground and common threads of sustainable truth. We can start to become one and from divergent perspectives.  We must come together if we are to achieve.

So to recap:

  • We need to get our metaphorical ‘finger out’ and ‘DO’.
  • We need to move forward and keep moving forward and grow.
  • We need to be more confident in our actions.
  • We need to have an open heart and listen.
  • We need to accept that other people are entitled to opinions and perspectives.
  • We need to delve down deep to find what lays beneath the surface of our own perspective and be prepared to change.
  • We need to be open to criticism (internal and external).
  • We need to be loving to ourselves and others.
  • We need to be kind and compassionate.

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