Planning, Doing and Reviewing …

Planning for something, thinking about all of the eventualities and then executing them, only to do the analysis afterwards is the normal way of things isn’t it?

Plan >>> Do >>> Review…. Plan >>> Do >>> Review.  [Repeat]

Well it should be, but in reality I have found one part of this whole thing challenging.  The doing.

I am great at thinking a great plan, mapping it out all in my head, doing to structure, the lay out, the logistics and the infrastructure and then when it comes to the execution of the plan … stasis, nada, zilch! … I then go straight into the analysis.  What seems to be jumped and indeed missing all together is the ‘DO’ part.  Something recently happened to me however that has made me reassess things and I put down a little #SoundBite to explain what it is.  This can be found below …

The projects of these two amazing athletes can be found below and if you ever consider donations to worthy causes then these two are ones that are close to my heart.  Their pages and their chosen charities can be found below.

What ever inspires you to plan DO and review, make it count because the clock ticks and never goes backwards.

J x


Ben Davis


Charity Page:

Stuart Amory


Charity Page:


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