This morning I was walking Moss (as I do most mornings now) and I was compelled to put down a ‘sound bite’ about some tings that are going on.  There are a lot of things that happen in your life that if you are not present for can pass you buy and you regret not grasping them when they happened.  At the moment there are a number of things that are happening that are really aligning and I am so pleased to have the presence of mind and the opportunity to be involved.

Here is the ‘sound bite’ and I apologise about the breathless audio, I am slightly affected by hay fever and to be honest … it was 7am so I may sound a little less than enthusiastic at the beginning.

Anyway take a listen:

Keep well.

Jonathan (Jay)

p.s. I seemed to fail being cheery and upbeat …. next time … honest!


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