This morning I was inspired to start something that I have threatened to do for some time.  I recorded officially what was my first podcast type thingy.

Yes I have done audio before, and yes I have done some voice recordings to talk through meditation techniques etc. but this time I was ‘free-form’ jazzing on an idea and to quote someone, ‘I truly have a voice for silent movies!’.  I know that I can come across as a little ‘serious’ and of course the content can be a little dry, but we all had to learn to walk at some point.  It was essential otherwise we would still be crawling on our hands and knees.

This is about the idea of ‘mindful walking’ and re-connecting to nature.  It is part of the H2HN Mindful Initiative, called “A Heart of Stone” and is all about reconnecting to the core of ourselves through nature.  Anyway, enjoy and if you have any feedback, comments or thoughts please feel free to share.  Links can be found below.

Keep well.

Jonathan (Jay)

p.s. I will try and be more cheery and upbeat next time … honest!



Show notes:

Mindful walking:

The ‘A Heart of Stone’ mindful initiative :



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