There I was, at the end of Grasmere water, watching kids splashing and playing in the water.  I was reminded of the child that is in all of us; the one that has somehow become lost and silent as we became older.

Do you remember playing on your bike, cycling fast, arms raised aloft, smiling from cheek to cheek?Do you remember snowdrifts deeper than hedges, igloos dug deep, warm and cosy?

Do you remember Grandparents knees, sat upon, riding like a cowboy through the wild west?

My mind forgets but my heart yearns for those experiences.  However, the day to day of life has become a barrier to my hearts needs and the desire for the warm and the loving embrace of these memories.  What appears left now is the cold as stone feeling in my chest.  Somewhere a small child cries out from the darkness.

I believe that we all want to be able to reconnect with our inner child whether we have suffered upset and trauma or have had an idyllic upbringing.

I believe that as we grow older our inner child stops dancing, cease to laugh and play and loses their sense of freedom and unabashed openness. I for one from a very early age seem to grow up very quickly and I lost the sense of fun and joy that I had quite early on. For me laughter and dancing was replaced by an inner dialogue that was critical and self-reflective, and while that may be my make up, I now believe that the inner child is still there; just waiting to dance.

Don’t we all just want to spend time laughing and playing and splashing in the water?

Age should never really be a barrier to Joy, in fact joy should grow as a result of age, nurtured by an experienced, wrinkled hand and careworn face. The child never ages, it is only the body that becomes aged and infirm, and as such we need to accept that time is not on our side but a joyful heart is eternal.

I know a great many people who seem to have a carefree attitude and strong sense of fun. However, when you scratch the surface they seem to have the same insecurities and worries as everyone else. It just seems as if they had been able to drill through the barriers and we often build, in order to be able to engage with their inner child.  Indeed, the dialogue that they have, appears to be light-hearted and free-spirited, whereas those who have lost touch, appear to be serious and contemplative. We all have the same make-up, it would appear, but somehow, they have been able to bypass a negativity bias that has built up overtime.  If we truly have that child inside, then surely, we can ALL reconnect?    

I am resolved to take the inner dialogue, that I have, and invite it in for a ‘cup of tea’, ask questions of it and where possible challenge it.  Like ‘The Preacher’ in Poltergeist 2 (Henry Cane), the voice is keeping me blocked from my Own True Nature, the inner joyous child who simply wants to dance, ride hands free down the road on his racer.  So I will try and silence its negative tone and look to challenge its theories and look towards aging as disgracefully as possible.

Will, I do ‘naked snow angels’ in winter?  Perhaps not, but then again ….  Who knows where this may lead.


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