Are you happy in life?  I mean really truly happy?  Most folk aren’t. Are you waiting for that lottery win that will change your life?  Well it most probably won’t happen.

What I found as I broke free from an addiction to alcohol and began a journey of healing was that we cannot rely on anything other than ourselves to make our dreams a reality.  By ourselves I mean the truth that resides deep inside us way beyond our conditioned thinking mind.  Some call that truth intuition or soul, some call it God.  Words can be detrimental to connecting to that truth.  God for example can instantly make one think of Christianity or some other religion and all the dogma and ritual that goes with that.

The truth I am talking about is the intrinsic law of nature that runs through all things.  What law is that you may ask?  The same law that tells an acorn to grow upward through the soil into the sunlight, the same law that makes the trees produce oxygen to feed the world, the same law that keeps our hearts beating and lungs pumping, the law of life and of the Universe, the same law which governs and directs the tides and seasons and all things.

The reason this law is applicable to all things is because the truth is we are all components that make up one entity.  That one entity is an unknown, unfathomable quantity, but we could just call it life for ease of understanding.  And just as cells make up the body, just as atoms are the building block of matter, so we and everything we perceive are part of the ingredients that make up that one entity we call life.

Think you are separate from life?  That is just your thinking mind telling you that.  The ego is part of the thinking mind and comes into creation as soon as we are born, maybe even before.  The ego is what we perceive ourselves to be.  The ego though is really as imaginary as the Emperor’s new clothes.  The ego is nothing more than a collection of memories and thinking passed down to us by our parents, the society we live in, the environment that surrounds us and our experiences as we develop and continue through life.  Our ego is created from every experience we have in our life and reinforced by our behaviours and thinking based on those experiences. Every experience we ever have gets stored as memories into the vast pit of the brain called the subconscious and there it sits waiting to be drawn out and used as a reference point for how we see the world and how we view our-egotistical selves.

We need an ego, we need something to identify with. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have one.  The problem comes when we identify who we are solely on the programming we have received that created our ego.  Our parent’s thinking is passed down to us and becomes our thinking, our society’s morals and cultural ideas also get passed down to us and they become our ideals and moral standards, we are basically programmed!

This programming we receive and the consequent attachment to the ego that arises from it as being our true reality is the cause of all humanities problems.  Why, because based on this programmed notion that we are ego, our thinking, we see ourselves as a separate entity from others and from the rest of life.

But the reality is we are all part of the same gig, we are all notes in the same tune, we are all part of the wonderful rhythmic diversity of music that makes up the song of life.  When we find that truth that resides inside beyond the thinking mind and connect to it we then align ourselves with the law of nature, the guiding force of life, that universal law that tells the acorn to grow upwards towards the sunlight, and when we do tap into the truth of our reality, we too then grow upwards and we too break through to the sunlight and all our dreams are fulfilled, because our real dreams are actually life’s plan for us and they are just waiting to materialise if we only allow life to flow through us and guide us.

When we let go of the false notion that we are but a collection of memories and thinking called ego and connect to the truth we are free from all our woes.

It is the realisation of this truth that the Buddha tapped into that Jesus tapped into that Lao Tsu tapped into and all the other great messengers that have been and gone.  And man misinterpreted the message and saw messengers as God or some other deity and built religions around them based on their misunderstanding and coming from ego.

We don’t need a lottery win to make us happy, we just need to connect to the truth that we are one with life and let the universal laws guide us and merge us back into the oneness of all life then our dreams will materialise as a natural consequence.

Peace and love





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