Over the last three months I have given examples of where the head and the heart are perhaps disconnected, and I have also given examples of where the head and heart have been aligned.  Over the next few months I intend to provide some practical techniques that can be used in order to bring a degree of stability to your life and provide some balance.

As Head to Heart Network grows in its reach and I grow in my own well-being, so the network will also grow.  I have been fortunate enough over the last few months to connect up with a number of teachers, professionals and practitioners that are immersed in and developing health and well-being practices for individuals.  In my own search for a sense of balance I have been on the outlook for a number of techniques and practices that can support the physical and mental sides of being human.  I have come to understand that mindfulness and meditation are but two strands of a much thicker rope and on the journey I have come across both secular and nonsecular practices that have been proven to bring health and well-being to those that practise them.

As I said at the beginning of this post, over the next few months I intend on bringing a new section to Head to Heart Network that will clearly lay out, describe and provide methodology for you to follow yourselves.  Not everything listed will perhaps connect with you, however I am confident that there will be something within the smorgasbord of techniques that may help you move towards greater well-being.  A number of these will indeed come from an eastern tradition and as we live in a modern western society some of the ideas and themes may be somewhat unusual or complex to understand.  However, as I was from day one of H2HN, I am available to answer your questions and signpost you towards those that have the answers.

When I set out to do Head to Heart Network it was purely for my own search for understanding into mental and physical health matters.  However, as it has developed I have had the privilege to be able to connect with a number of people who have also been seeking for an understanding of what makes ‘us’ tick.  Therefore Head to Heart Network has developed to be broader than just a personal search for understanding.  It has developed to be a growing network of people who are also seeking for knowledge of how to develop self-growth.

Head to heart Network is no longer purely a personal journey, it has become an opportunity to reach out and help others.  This is not a mission, nor is it an evangelical attempt to push a personal agenda.  No, it is an organic approach to learning for both myself and what H2HN does.  The neural network of the brain, as we know, possesses the ability to create new connections that in turn lead to new cognitive functions.  Head to Heart network is also organic in this way and is constantly evolving and adapting to the environment and questions asked of it.

In the same way that the brain possesses organic plasticity,  Heart to Heart Network will continue to reach out and to look for new approaches to health and well-being and in turn will connect with new people and new approaches.  It is in the connections that we make that the best of human existence can be illuminated.  The real magic of H2HN will occur through the connectivity of seekers and teachers and the reaching out to achieve growth.

I have come across many wonderful individuals who are on the path of seeking, and I have also come across many wonderful people who are not.  Every single person that I have come across in my own life has presented me with a lesson that I can learn from.  It is only through my own self reflection into what those connections represent to me that I have been able to grow.  I hope that Head to Heart Network has the ability to change, for the good, at least one other person other than myself.  I know Head to Heart Network has been and will continue to be the journey of one person, namely me, however I truly hope that through connecting with as many people as possible that others will benefit from it also.

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