The phrase “mind is a great servant, but a terrible master” is certainly very true and I have found that throughout my life, while there has been a reliance on the mind, it certainly hasn’t been the best guiding light. The other quote that pops up as I write this are actually lyrics by the band The Troggs; “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes”.  And while the lyrics perhaps seems somewhat simple and perhaps throwaway they are actually quite profound.

They refer, in this instance, to the notion that we feel the world around us through our body and not just experience it through our mind.  And that is why Head to Heart Network was really brought into existence.  For me, and for a long time, the intuitive nature of the heart was something that was ignored and perhaps somewhat mistrusted.  The head has always been something I have relied upon to inform how I felt about a great number of situations and experiences.  As a child there was a great number of instances where anger and upset was observed and these episodes, although perhaps not all the time, left somewhat of lasting impression on me.  My reasoning, and the logical approach I had to dealing with complex emotions was to perhaps think them through to the point of emotion simply becoming logical analysis. And as such not only emotions of upset were affected but a great many others developed into cold and calculated logical constructs of the mind.  Overtime logic and reason took the place of intuitive, emotional and connected feelings.  This in turn led to a dispassionate and somewhat robotic view of the world and particularly relationships.

It is only since taking time to listen and feel the body, that is the heart, that I have been able to establish once more a connection to emotional feeling tones within the body.  This reconnection has been profound for a number of reasons.  I have not only become aware of emotions in the mind, but I have also become aware of same emotion feelings in the body. This has helped me link what I am thinking to what I am feeling and visa versa.  Secondly, emotional reconnection has helped me to also reconnect and perhaps in some cases connect for the first time with people, that perhaps in the past would have been distant.  There has been for far too long distance between myself and others, and a hands off approach to relationships.  Emotional reconnection has allowed me to see what perhaps intuitively I always knew.  That I am an emotionally intuative person, however that ability for empathy and close connection is something that I lost OR perhaps as a protective mechanism kept at arms length.  Finally, this tethering of head and heart has also enabled me to start to be available for others but perhaps more importantly for myself in a whole way.

Recently somebody that I had connected up with on Facebook and who I only know only in a cyber sense walked me through a Reiki technique of unblocking emotional blockages of the heart.  This was great, technology and intent working together for personal growth and well-being.  What started for me as a personal journey of investigation, has become a deeply connected experience on many levels.  Not only am I reconnecting with myself on many levels and reconnecting with family friends and loved ones.  I am connecting to the wider world and humanity that I am very much a part of.  In that connection I strongly believe a great many things can be achieved and that growth and well-being can be found and shared for all.


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