Without the spiritual dimension to life that I have today, little long term pleasure or peace can be derived from the materialistic, thespian/egotistical world I inhabit, where humanities global blockbuster movie, “Ego and the Illusion of Reality” is played constantly on repeat. Thankfully today I am spiritually awakening to the fact I am not my thoughts, that I am not separate from life and nature.  I am part of the whole and with that awareness I gain control over the mind as a consequence.  I am no longer a slave to ego; I am no longer at the mercy of emotions – the body’s reaction to thoughts.  In the space between thinking is the peaceful awareness of just being.  We are that “being,” we are that awareness. That unconditional, non-attachment of pure awareness is our true nature; it is what was before the ego formed.  By practicing meditation and mindfulness I can return however briefly to pure awareness and there I can be present without attachment to thought or ego, there is no judgement or control and in that awareness lays serenity, in that awareness lays the connectedness and joy of just being and that elusive feeling of peace within one’s own skin. 

The search for peace in one’s own skin is to be found by living in the moment, by being present and accepting of what is right now, by being the awareness behind the thinking mind we relinquish control over life and mingle with life and understand that we are life, then life gives and guides us as we move with it.  We are one body, one soul, one love.  It takes practice to live the Kung Fu life and follow for want of a better word the “Tao,” but it is becoming more natural and easy and enjoyable to do, and as I live the Kung Fu life, serenity is becoming a more natural state.  I still have an ego of course and I always will, we all will, we cannot live without it. I can still become attached to unhealthy thinking at times, but that’s OK.  The difference today is that I am aware of it. By meditation and mindfulness I become more and more aware of conditioned thinking arising and the unhealthy behaviours which manifest from it.  I become aware of ego trying to take control too and in that awareness I see it for what it is, just conditioned thinking.  

I am a work in progress.  

Life is a journey.

Life is beautiful.


Jed Maw (Left) is a Meditation and Mindfulness practitioner based on the lovely Island of Kefalonia (Greece). He has been working on him self over a number of years and this has led him to develop a programme he has called ‘Kung Fu sobriety’. Jed believes that we as human beings have an intellectual understanding of the world of our ‘mind’, particularly the area of addictive behaviour. We also have an innate understanding of the psychological conditions that bring about states of distress, but sometimes we are not able to necessarily fix ourselves.  He believes our thinking is the aspect that created the problem and it is this same thinking, if adapted, that can solve it.

Jed’s aim is to help others find peace in life no matter were they are coming from. He sees that the main issue that makes us ‘who we think we are’ is the same thing that causes us the most angst and upset. Mainly, it is our identification with our ego and our habitual conditioned thinking that puts us in a state of distress.  Jed’s aim is to devise a simple programme for folk to follow and live by.  The ultimate goal is to run a secular retreat the Greek Island he loves so much, with its fantastic mountain views.  A place where a spiritual and holistic approach to well being can be taught.


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