Imagine a world without any honesty, openness, truth and connection.

Imagine a world where people are constantly closed, emotionally numb and disconnected from their fellow man.
Imagine a world where we are demonstrating the compulsive behaviour of an addict, the secrecy, denial and the shame. Not knowing what to do, how to stop it, what the next course of action is.

Now imagine yourself in that world. I suspect you will find this process difficult. Yes you can perhaps empathise, maybe even understand, but can you really drop into what it is to be addicted?

Ok just for one moment suspend YOUR version of reality. Just for one moment look at the world from the addicts position. Look at YOUR life in the context of an addicts struggles. The constant need to numb out, to look at life through chemically adjusted eyes. To see the world in a rosé coloured haze. What does it look like? What does an addictive view feel, taste, smell like? Is being an addict, purely the realm of the chemically induced individual or are we all addicts?

Are YOU actually any different?
Are YOU equally addicted to the avoidance of reality?
Are YOU not looking for the next fix of ‘release’ from your troubles, fears and doubts?
Is your addiction a form of escapism from life and what ‘is’?

We work on the trappings of life and a goal of gathering more and more. However, what if what we had was enough? What if life was yielding us all we needed to survive. What if what we had in front of us what was meant to be OUR harvest. Why then chase more? Why look for something else or deny what is right there in front of you.

An addict runs away from life, blocks out what is in front through chemicals. For them they seek the removal of presence awareness and as a result realtime connection. This is normally across inter-human and intra-self boundaries. An addict fails to see the bounty of life in front to them or chooses not to see. A bounty that is within their grasp.

Are we honestly any different to an addict?

The truth: Be present for this moment and tender what you have. NOW!

Without cultivating life with the care of a compassionate gardener, you will fail to see what is right in front of you. What needs tendering and what needs weeding. If you are not mindful, what is a golden opportunity will simply wither and die before our glazed over eyes and what you have been given will never be enough when even when it truly is.


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