We are all connected and that’s a fact. From the moment we are conceived we are connected to our mother and to the world around. At some point however we seem to loose the that connectivity and we become fearful of others. We seem to become trapped behind walls of ‘self’ that become thicker and higher the older we become. At some stage in our early childhood we are innocent and in unreserved. We play and frolic in the pool of life, splashing and diving with child like abandonment. At some point however we start to become overly fearful of others and by proxy the world. We start to step back and engage with life from afar. Life becomes something to be wary of and not embraced with. This comes with us into later life, like a weighty backpack; full of unnecessary forms of protections. We become laden down and unable to walk freely with our fellow man.
It doesn’t however have to be that way. Our EGO is not something that should the first thing we put down if we want the journey Robbie easy. Put down the preconceptions of fellow man and embrace them as ‘just like you’. We are all walking the same way, we just may not think it. The EGO is the antithesis of your Own True Nature (OTN). It is the thing that blocks True and lasting connection to the world and it is an unnecessary passenger. You don’t go for a stroll and end up carrying an unfriendly, sullen and dismissive person on your shoulders. Why then do you feel you have to take your ego everywhere you go? Admittedly he/ she will jump out from behind a tree and try and climb on. Simply say “thanks for your presence and past exploits, but not today” and then go on your way.
Life is too short to be disconnected and too short to have an unwanted ‘passenger’. Reconnect to the very beginning of who you are and connect to the great oneness that is life.


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