I want something to really move me.
I want something to really connect me to the present moment but also excite me.
I want something to bring me to the present moment in such a raw and visceral way that I can’t help but see everything clearly.
I want to be able to experience something in such a way that it resonates so deeply in my mind, body, and heart that I can’t help but feel alive.
I want to be able to experience something fully in a way that moves me to act.
I want to feel something so deeply that it ignites my Own True Nature (OTN) and brings to the fore who I really am.
I want to be able to experience something so fully that I am not triggered by rote and stale responses that come from past experience.
I want to be present to what ‘IS’ and not what will be OR what was. 

I want to be alive. 

I strongly believe that our own true nature, once unearthed, will enable us to react to whatever it is presented in a safe and secure way. I have experienced first hand that access to this stability is through meditation and self-reflection, using techniques for personal and professional growth.  This both occurs on the physical and psychological level BUT also on a deeper and perhaps more esoteric level as well.  The latter being something that we shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge.  We ALL have intrinsic values that need feeding.  

For me my Own True Nature (OTN) is revealed in the stillness and quiet of solitude. I believe that through meditation we all will be able to experience life fully and be able to connect deeply to the world around us.  For others is it throwing themselves out of planes and kayaking down rapids.  Fow me however I like the idea of quiet and peaceful moments of true connection.  

Meditation I believe is the key as it brings quietness and stillness to both mind, body and if you believe soul. Through meditation we can connect to what it is that is at the core of who we are.  I call it our own true nature, others may call it personality, soul, ego, the list is endless.  However, what is true is that we ALL have within us a sense of who we are and sometimes this is burdened with layers and layers of baggage that we have picked up along the way.  We can however lay down this baggage and make the journey through life a lot easier. 

The baggage we carry is something that we all have picked up thinking that it is of use, and for a while it was.  The problem is that once it has served its purpose we fail to lay it down, thinking that it will be of use down the line.  Unnecessary thoughts, feelings, emotions, responses are ONLY useful if it serves you in this moment.  If you bring it to the fore and it doesn’t fit the situation it is something that needs to be laid down.  Meditation enables you to see in the present moment, non-judgementally, what you are carrying and allows you to rest a while and to lay it down. 

Meditation isn’t the only way for us to fully engage with the world around and allow us to connect deeply with the world.  It is a technique, but it is the core of a long tradition of reflective techniques that for millennia have enabled practitioners to see it as it is.  To get ‘Real’ so to speak. Many secular and non-secular traditions have used meditation to enable the practitioner to see the world in all its glory and to see the world as it is.  It has also enabled them to reflect on what it is to be human and how we as living entities connect and inter connect with the world around.  It is easy to see meditation as a solitary activity, but within a number of traditions there has always been a focus on collective meditation and this is where the mindfulness surge has come from especially in the classroom and work place.  True connection occurs with others. 

From within the group setting I believe that we can make both our biggest personal and also collective change. We do not live in a world of isolation we live in a world where we are surrounded by people, human beings that have been here for millennia.  They have walked the path before us, developed changed and perhaps more importantly evolved.  Not always for the best.  Meditation therefore both within the group and also within the wider context of the world affords us the greatest chance to connect again to who and what we are. 

We must never deny and reject who or what we are.  We should never forget that we live in a world of people and that in order to fully connect with our self and the world around we should connect with others.  Meditation quietens you enough to connect back to the core of who you are and if we are to fully connect to the rawness and visceral nature of who it is to be human then we need to include everything in that.  Good, bad or indifferent.


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