“I try to laugh about it

Cover it all up with lies

I try and laugh about it

Hiding the tears in my eyes

Because boys don’t cry

Boys don’t cry.”

Boys don’t cry – The Cure.

We live in a very volatile world and one that is trapped in harshly played out roles and fixed expectations.  BUT perhaps there is another way.

In a world that is deeply connected yet getting smaller through the advancement in technology and globalization, we are in danger of it imploding.  Not imploding in a hundred thousand millennia from the power of a red dwarf, blowing out a flash of immense energy.

No, this imploding will happen sooner and will most certainly be of our own making.

This powerful contraction in on itself will come from our inability to establish lasting connection with others.  There is a real danger of the world ceasing to inter-communicate.  We live in a world of judgement and fear and while we look at what is going on around us we start to see fear and threat around every corner.  It is clear, not only with recent political happenings the other side of the pond, but with what is happening on our very door step.  The world seems to be perceived to be made up of ‘the other’ and for the other to be someone that you don’t want to connect with. 

If we are not careful we will create a sterile, stone cold density of emotionless and from this we will all start living with fear constantly on our heart.  If we fail to ‘listen’ and connect, and Men are the worst, we will loose an integeral part of what it is to be human.  The world will be led by HEAD or HEART.  There has to be some balance.

As a man myself it is uncomfortable for me to pass comment about emotion and sensitivity.  It is easier to shoot from the hip first and contemplate later.  As a man it doesn’t come easy to express weakness, talk about fear, feel guilt.

A man is a man after all; and as for EMOTIONS.  No we don’t talk about those things.

The question is Why not?

Perhaps part of the ills of today come from roles that we play and the expectations that we put upon our self, especially those that are born out of roles that society expects of us.  Roles are NOT who we are and while they are deeply entrenched in the fabric of society, they are not essential to how society functions.  It’s people and their hearts that make the world function.  With an open heart and an expression of our feelings we may be able to avoid the premature implosion of the world. Well until the sun decides to play its final card and by that point we won’t mind.

Today is in the NOW and NOW is where we live.

Let’s start bringing some balance and let HEAD and HEART work together.


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