I don’t remember much of my past, in fact I only remember snippets and those moments where predominantly ‘good’ things. The other periods, the bad, scary, fear-ridden times are masked and hidden from sight.

If I can’t see them that is good and I definitely hope that they can’t see me as they may come and visit again.  Something I DO NOT want.

The lack of insight of the past however can be an unhealthy position to be in for anyone especially if there is unworked ‘matters’ that need to be brought to the fore.  It is through the process of meditating, journaling and bringing mindful awareness to my day-to-day living that I feel ‘healing’ and peace can occur.

In the last 3-4 years I have felt more conscious that something should be changed and that is ‘turning away’ from what may be presented to me.  Warts and All.

I have kept diaries before but the content has been sterile, in fact bloody dull.  It has always been censored and at best very factual.  “Ran 3 miles today, 30min, was hard work. Had Tea, went to bed” [Yawn].  So when I started the Head To Hear Network (H2HN) firstly with the intention of it being full of content and ideas from others sources that I have used.  It was never meant to be from my perspective. It was to be a resource of info and guidance and NOT to be something that followed my journey. Indeed why would anyone be interested in me anyway?

However I have realised that there was a need for journaling, if only to aid my own personal and spiritual growth.  I have realised that the act of mapping my journey to the present moment is a crucial practice and the act of record the path is a good way of seeing how I am positioned NOW.

Good, bad or indifferent.

As I stated at the beginning, I have very few recollections of the past and this may well be triggered by personal circumstances or simply by me not being present when I was having some of life’s experiences. Therefore the value of a journal is becoming more prominent to me and any ‘snippets’ that come to me from my practice may well act as seeds for others to cultivate their own journey.

My journey is mine and others will have their own to but what I experience, good or bad, may trigger something in someone else and therefore sharing is as important to me as it may be to them.

Here’s to honest and open journaling that may lead to an open and honest heart/mind connection.


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