In late 2016 Head To Heart Network (HTHN) came stumbling and blinking into the light.  The site was intended to act as a ‘sign post’ for all things Mindfulness.  What I wanted to do was provide a resource that pointed clearly to practices, theories, systems and belief systems.  However it became very clear that pointing to all of the teachers and practitioners would be a difficult and perhaps short lived task.

It would be better to show ‘how’ the practices can and have been implemented in ‘a life’. That life being mine.

Therefore it felt right to make the site more of a journal as it could be off the cuff, triggered by real experience and be less formal and ‘information’ led.  It would be first hand experience of where Mindful Awareness and Meditation has help me, and that is what I have decided to do.

I also want to use other forms of expression i.e. imagery cues, word form (Poetry, prose etc.) and audio.

To make the first step, below is the first of what I hope will be an audio resource that ongoing will trigger discussion, inspire you to look into meditation and to aid you to develop a regular routine of personal and inter personal awareness practice.

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any feedback please do share.



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