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To create 'Balance' & 'Growth' in your Organisation

14th January 2021

Transaction – a new way of being?

In many reflective practices you will often find that phrases and saying are repeated over and over to reinforce some form of internal goal or aspiration.  It is believed that…
21st March 2020

A response to COVID-19

"We are unprecedented times “ How often have you heard that of late in the light of COVID-19?  How many times have you heard the phrase that we are on…
14th January 2020

Mindfulness In The Workplace

Here in the UK we spend an inordinate amount of time in the workplace. If you were to look at the numbers we would find the following: The average person…
10th August 2019


In a lot of spiritual traditions there is often talk of the notion of interconnectedness.  This appears to take many forms, but in simple terms it is a thread of connection,…

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