The Head

The 'Thinking Mind' - Logical and analytical


The Heart

The 'Seat of Emotion' - Feeling and sensing


The Network

Bringing both together; creating 'Unity'





21st March 2020

A response to COVID-19

"We are unprecedented times “ How often have you heard that of late in the light of COVID-19?  How many times have you heard the phrase that we are on…
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22nd January 2020

The Thinker

We all have something about our lives that we don't like. It can be physical e.g. a big nose, love handles, not the right skin tone or hair colour etc.…
10th August 2019


In a lot of spiritual traditions there is often talk of the notion of interconnectedness.  This appears to take many forms, but in simple terms it is a thread of connection,…
19th May 2019

Running and Pure Awareness

Today I had the most awesome experience when I was running, something that I haven’t had foe some time.  But before I describe it let me set the scene. For…

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