The Head

The 'Thinking Mind' - Logical and analytical


The Heart

The 'Seat of Emotion' - Feeling and sensing


The Network

Bringing both together; creating 'Unity'





AnxietyHealthWell Being
5th June 2020

Anxiety Pt 5 – Challenging Upsetting Thoughts

HOW TO CHALLENGE UPSETTING THOUGHTS As yourself "is what I am thinking really real?  Is what I am feeling really real?  What does my 'Head' say and what does my…
AnxietyHealthWell Being
4th June 2020

Anxiety Pt 4 – Distraction and Positive self talk

Distraction Thinking about unpleasant symptoms will tend to make them worse. We begin the "fear of fear" cycle, provoking further symptoms as well as preventing existing ones from disappearing. It…
AnxietyHealthWell Being
3rd June 2020

Anxiety Pt 3 – Relaxation and the body

RELAXATION WHY RELAXATION IS HELPFUL When we are stressed, the muscles in our bodies tense up and this muscular tension causes uncomfortable bodily feelings, such as headaches, backache, tight chest…
AnxietyHealthWell Being
2nd June 2020

Anxiety Pt 2 – Thoughts and Anxiety

HOW THOUGHTS CAN INCREASE ANXIETY. The thoughts we have play a major part in increasing our anxiety. Two examples may make it clear that thoughts can add to anxiety and…

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