The Head

The 'Thinking Mind' - Logical and analytical


The Heart

The 'Seat of Emotion' - Feeling and sensing


The Network

Bringing both together; creating 'Unity'





10th August 2019


In a lot of spiritual traditions there is often talk of the notion of interconnectedness.  This appears to take many forms, but in simple terms it is a thread of connection,…
19th May 2019

Running and Pure Awareness

Today I had the most awesome experience when I was running, something that I haven’t had foe some time.  But before I describe it let me set the scene. For…
12th April 2019


When it comes to talking about the concept of 'Personal Growth', something we hear about in many spheres from businesses to personal practice, do you feel like me, slightly empty…
7th March 2019

Learning and Growth

Over the last few months I have been doing my MBA and I have to admit I have found it a challenge.  The challenge for me has been based on…

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