The Head

The 'Thinking Mind' - Logical and analytical


The Heart

The 'Seat of Emotion' - Feeling and sensing


The Network

Bringing both together; creating 'Unity'





25th January 2019

Transaction – a new way of being?

In many reflective practices you will often find that phrases and saying are repeated over and over to reinforce some form of internal goal or aspiration.  It is believed that…
MindfulnessOwn True NatureThe HeadThe Heart
3rd August 2018

Beneath the surface

I’m a beginning to become a believer that there is always another way of seeing the world and if you can do it, one that can change things ... for…
MindfulnessNatureWell Being
27th June 2018

Mindful Walking

After a long day sitting in an airconditioned office, seated meditation might seem quite unappealing, especially if you feel that you are tight and constricted because of being sat all…
EgoInsightOwn True NatureSeeingThe HeadThe Heart
26th June 2018

Diamond Dave

Many people can get trapped in a cycle of self-doubt, false attachment to a concept of who they believed  they are and a fear of the future and loathing of…

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